All photographs in this article are by courtesy of Roy Randell  - Rotherham MYC

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20th April - Friday

There were 10 skippers sailing today in the Club Friday “Series 2” – ‘Round 2’ this time the weather really made up for the one postponed on the 13th in spades, a great days sailing - the scores are in the usual place or click/tap ‘the scores

16th April - Tuesday

The Club Friday “Series 2” – ‘Round 2’ was not reported as it was postponed due to bad weather, hopefully the coming Friday will make it possible to sail then.

Today was a Club day with nine skippers out for some free sailing (no series) in what proved to be near impossible in some very high winds.  All boats were rigged with No. 3 sails only because there isn’t a smaller set.  

14th April - Saturday

A couple of club members went to Rotherham MYC for their IOM Open event, one skipper did well, as you will see in the results below, the other one (yours truly) didn’t so no mention.  The following is the days report for the event:-

The Craig IOM Open meeting

Rotherham Model Yacht Club held the "Craig Raistrick IOM Open" on Saturday 14th April, five clubs RMYC, Leicester, Scarborough, Lincoln and Balne Moor presented us with 12 entries. Racing started at 10.00am after a short briefing, we had variable winds presenting some challenges to sailors. Five Races then coffee and chat, followed five more races finishing at 1.00pm to allow swimmers onto the water.

In all an enjoyable mornings racing with good competition was had by all in some pleasant surroundings for all.

There is always room for more competitors because this is a good series to take part in, so come along and try it you will be pleasantly surprised.

1st Craig Raistrick 16 points.

2nd Mick Chamberlain 20 points.

3rd Neil Thornton 24 points.

4th Jenny Hand 24 points.

Report and Photo's by Roy Randell "Rotherham OOD"

Saturday 28th & 29th April 2018

Fleetwood MY & PBC are hosting the “DF Racing TT Weekend 2018

Follow  link for further details: