Friday 21st March:

Six skippers at the lake for the 6th and final ‘Round’ of the “Spring Series” the scores are in the usual place.  (Via the button above). We have Neil who just pipped Col A by one point as the winner of this series, no money but well done

Friday 12th March:

Seems like we are in a holiday season with a large number of our members away in sunny climes, lets hope they have a great time and come back refreshed and ready to sail…  So just six skippers on the water for ‘ Round 5’ if the “Spring Series” - the days was bright but the temperature was cold, sailing was good and we have some scores  to view too.  (Via the button above)

Friday 05th March:

Seven skippers out on a beautiful day at Wykeham with a healthy breeze that was just manageable with all skippers using their No. 2 sails.  All in all some good sailing, but during the series a couple of boats suffered from control faults and were unable to start .

Wednesday 03rd March:

El The first ‘Round’ of the Jubilee cup took place yesterday with some good racing - a number of course changes due to wind changes….

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