For Sale

For Sale "ISIS" IOM

A ready to go offer for this Barry Chisholm designed “ISIS” model yacht comes with nearly all you need to start off at club level, consisting of:

Hull: – complete with rudder & fin

Certified: The boat and rigs are measured, certificate is included

Sail Rigs: 1, 2 & 3 Complete

Winch: RMG (32mm Drum)

Servo: Hitec ‘HS-646WP’ (waterproof)

Receiver: Futaba

Transmitter: Futaba T6J (not a perfect example but works well)

Sail Box: None – but sail bags are included with carrying frame (see picture)

Boat Stand: None

Just add water….

Offered at £475.00

Thanks to all who contacted me and sorry to dissapoint but there was only one boat.


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