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Friday 14h June:

The day started of looking promising with a varying breeze, overcast skys and a hope that the rain forecast for 14:00  wouldn't happen, but it did at around 12:00!!! From out of nowhere a dlegue struck and caused all nine skippers to be drenched in seconds.  The hardy ones carried on sailing and finished the race in progress.  After that a few other not so hardy contenders took their leave and were then scored as DNS "did not stay" (Did Not Start) leaving the rest to sail out the remaining races for points in the 4th Round of the Late Spring Series.

Note: The scores for each Round are now pictured below and a series accumulater produced to give a more detailed view of performance.

Friday 07th June:

Great sailing breeze calling for number 2 rig for the five skippers who turned out for 'Round 3' of the "Late Spring Series", a pretty dismal turn out!

Unfortunately out of the five two boats became unsailable, one because its rudder feel off and the other leaked too much and so the last three races only had 3 boats competing.  The accumulated score for rounds 1, 2 & 3 are below.

Best of sailing to our team who are sailing Round 3 of The Jubilee Cup at Weecher Reservoir on Tuesday, 11th June, hosted by Keighley & District MES Ltd

Friday - Late Spring Series

(Round by Round below)

The Accumulater 

This following table is an accumulation of the Rounds sailed

A round not sailed by a skipper will be allotted 60 points (6 races per round x DNC)

The Jubilee Cup 2019 Fixtures

The admission fee for each round is £5.00 per team member.  Apologies were given by most clubs for the following; “the ability to provide warm food and in some cases hot drinks are also unfortunately impossible – each club will make any changes known prior to their events.

Below are the placings following Round 3 of the Jubilee Cup  held at Weecher Reservoir, hosted by Keighley & Distric MES

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