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As a result of the present situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic Scarborough Model Yacht Club has ceased all activity at Wykham Lakes


We will update this information as changes in the situation develop.


The club is still contactable through the normal channels.


Keep Safe and hope we are sailing again soon.

The News & Events Page will be updated when club activities are resumed:

The "Mid-Winter" Saturday Series dates

The "Mid-Winter" Saturday Series - Results

The "Midweek Winter" Tuesday Series dates

The "Midweek Winter" Tuesday Series - Results

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The Scarborough Model Yacht Club - Scarborough & District - Model Radio Controlled Yachting is active throughout the year, winter or summer, if we can sail we will!

The club was started early 2012 by four enthusiasts. We now have a steady and keen membership sailing International One Metre (IOM) radio controlled yachts, a very well-established model sailed by enthusiasts worldwide.  All our members are affiliated to the Model Yachting Association (MYA).  Much more information can be found on the (click or tap) ‘MYA’ web site.


SMYC was created for the purpose of supporting and promoting the sailing and racing of radio controlled wind powered model yachts for enthusiastic club members.  It is hoped that there are, would be model yachtsmen, beginners or lapsed large boat skippers in the area who are interested in joining us.  We welcome anyone who wish to visit us, either to sail or seek information, come and ask, or (click) “Contact” page where you can ask your questions or inform us that you are intending to visit.

"What They Do"

The term Model Yachting is based on the heritage and traditions of our sport which go back over 200 years; however the boats we sail are in most instances not models or scale versions of full sized boats but specifically design purpose built yachts for racing, nowadays primarily with radio controls but also for free sailing. Whether designed on the kitchen table or the latest computer design package a lot of time, energy and enjoyment goes in to making a modern yacht.

How they do it

Most racing is done via a club structure, and to be a member of the MYA you have to be a member of a recognised club. This club will have a structure that provides organised and structured racing, typically to the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS); with occasional variations to take into account local requirements. The newcomer will soon pick up the basics of how a race takes place.

Radio Sailing will be around a series of buoys and a race will last between 15 and 20 minutes with a series of these in a days racing. This is probably the biggest difference between full size and what we do, instead of 2 or 3 races in a day, we will have 10 to 15 in a day, with 10-15 starts, 10-15 1st beats and 10-15 close finishes!

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Location & Directions - How to get to our Lake…

The Wykeham Aquapark lake is located approximately half a mile from the Scarborough to Pickering (A170), road.

When travelling from the direction of West Ayton, Scarborough, (East to West) a brown tourist sign “Wykeham Aquapark” is located on the outskirts of West Ayton, just after a Lay-By on the left - take the very next left turn (after the Lay-By) to the water sports area – on the facing corner is a sign depicting “Hanson”


When travelling from the direction of Pickering (West to East) about a mile after Wykeham village a brown tourist sign includes the direction to “Wykeham Aquapark”, this is just prior to a crossroad, to the left is the village of Hutton Buscel and to the right is the turning for the water sports area – turn here…


The Keepers Cottage

Follow this narrow road (with passing places) to a sharp right hand corner, (slow at this corner, large gravel vehicles operate in the area) at this corner is a house, the “Keepers Cottage” - YO13 9QU) to the right of the house is a gated opening (normally open) – enter, please drive slowly there is a 5 MPH restriction and from here on access is via country style tracks (no tarmac).

Approximately 50/60 metres after the entrance there is another gate that is unlocked between 08:00 Hrs & 20:00 Hrs.  Just after this second gate there is a four way crossing, ignore left and right turn – go straight over, there are a number of “Aquapark” signs showing the way.  Follow the track, passing two lakes on your right hand until you come to a metal gate, pass through go straight on up, over a large hump and there you will see the lake.

SMYC uses the "sailwave" sailing results / scoring application for Microsoft Windows© and and are happy to recomend it...

Please Note: Dogs are Allowed - they must be restrained at all times by their owners

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