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1 - Northern District IOM Winter Series

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Northern District IOM Winter Series 2019/2020

SMYC are happy to announce they are holding Round 4 of this event on Sunday 28th January,  the Notice of Race below:

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MYA Newsletter No 1

(Received 14/12/2019)


Hello all MYA members and welcome to issue 1 of your new Newsletter

The purpose of it is (and will be) to communicate with all MYA members, whether they are International competitors or Club sailors and to encourage this to be as two-way as can be achieved. One feature of the recent AGM at Datchet was that many members did not feel they knew what was going on nor did they feel able to find out readily in spite of the huge improvements in the MYA website. So, here goes - for now and the future.

Firstly, if any MYA member wishes to send an article, a letter praising or complaining or any comment they feel would help others, then all they need to do is to send it to  The button above enables you to send a response directly to the Editor.

The Editor must have the discretion on what gets published, of course.

Secondly, all Newsletters will be electronic. If this is not working for any member then the place to go to fix it is the Editor at the above address. Clearly, it may be that this Newsletter or its successors do not get through to every member via electronic means. If this happens nobody will know unless Clubs ask each of their members if they have received the Newsletter for the first few editions - and if they haven’t, please tell your Editor - again, address as above.

If a printed copy could be made in the short term for such members then that would be much appreciated.

Thirdly, there will be strands common to each Newsletter edition - such as a short piece from the MYA Chairman, Regional items of general interest, MYA/Racing news, Members’ letters, technical items of interest to all members, pictures to enliven the words plus as many other types of information as members want where practical.

Attendees at the AGM will have heard reference to a Marketing Plan which will be progressed at the January 2020 Council meeting. Reports on how it is progressing thereafter will appear here.

Fourthly, there may well be things that get missed or go awry in future editions (or even in this one) none of which will be intentional. Please tell your Editor if you feel so inclined.

Finally, every MYA member wants to enjoy their sailing, racing and other related activities (building yachts for example) and this publication seeks to help this in any way it can. Participation from as many members as wish to do so will be an important ingredient in making this happen.

Thank you.

New member recruitment is under way (thanks for the pic to Exeter MBC!)

(You sure you got the rig set up right Peter?)

[A later addition - by CM]

Chairman’s Update - December 2019

The past year has been yet another very busy year for everyone on Council. We have been very fortunate to have had Jen Hand (Lincoln RSC) take up the position of Secretary to Council and this has helped in keeping the other officers focused and moving forward with our various projects.


Our Digital Communications Officer, Austin Guerrier (Datchet RSC) has made much headway with the revamping of our website to make it more efficient and user friendly and has migrated most of the archives to the new site as well as expanding the services available now on-line. He has successfully trialled “payment with entry” and we should see more of this next year.

Our suppliers can now have dedicated forums on the website to advertise and communicate with our members as well as being able to handle all their advertising copy and payments online. Website viewing is not restricted to only our members but is open to all, so our suppliers are getting worldwide advertising if they so wish. Our DCO can apply various tools for viewing for our suppliers, so they can customise the way they advertise via the MYA website and forums.

The hard work of the Class Associations along with that of many of our clubs in hosting events and promoting our sport is reflected in the ever-increasing demands on our racing calendar with barely a spare weekend available in 2020 from the end of February until the end of November. Many clubs are now holding activities on 3 days each week and at least one club sails on 6 days each week!

The annual Trade Show and our AGM was held on 30th November and for the first time in many years it was hosted by the Met & Southern District at our club in Datchet.The minutes of that meeting and photographs of the event are available on our website and photographs are also available on various other social media sites. One subject that was addressed time and again was the perceived lack of communication between the Council and the membership and this newsletter is just one of the ways in which we are addressing this issue.


As we move forward into 2020 we hope that this publication will become a quarterly newsletter letting you know what is happening not only from your Council but also from the clubs and districts around the country. This will be in addition to the existing website and forum facilities and, as always, will rely on a few volunteers putting it together and getting it out to you. Please send in any information you might wish to share and please let us know what we can do to improve the flow of information both from, and to, your Council.


2020 will be a very busy and exciting year. We will be having a bigger, more prominent, stand at the dinghy show (Alexandra Palace 29th Feb/1st March 2020) where we will be promoting our branch of the sport and advertising the upcoming Marblehead and Ten-Rater World Championships to be hosted by our very experienced Birkenhead club at the West Kirby Marine Lake over 12 days in June 2020. Whilst this is undoubtedly the biggest single event in next year’s calendar it is in addition to an exciting programme of Championships, Ranking Events, Travellers series and leagues around the country and across all classes and disciplines of model yachting.

The new look Yearbook will be distributed early in the New Year once members have re-affiliated and will include the 2020 racing calendar and all the contact details for clubs, districts, and your council officers.


By the time you read this we will have announced the new Constitution for the MYA. This will be available to view in the members area of the website and we look forward to your views and comments.


The new constitution seeks to correct the discrepancies and contradictions that exist in the current version but most importantly it transfers the approval of changes to the constitution to the membership unlike the present version which does not require any input or approval from the membership at all.  We will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for you to have your opportunity to vote for this, so please let your views be known to your club representative in order that he/she may vote accordingly.


A very Happy Christmas to you all.

Now - a short test. Does everyone know what a COG is? If you don't - and even if you do, here is some information you ought to have.

Class Owners Groups (COGs)

A brief explanation.


The Model Yachting Association (MYA) via its constitution and affiliations is recognised as the National Class Association (NCA) for the IRSA Classes and the National Classes, and as the governing body for radio and free sailing in the UK. This requires the MYA to collect and collate certain information as well as work to the benefit of each of these classes.


The MYA has done this for a long time, but over the years the Council has struggled to balance equality of time and resource with the demands of the classes and other parts of running the sport; this approach also creates conflicts when trying to promote one class over another and does not acknowledge that the volunteers who step up to the council may have a favourite class in which they are more willing and able to give assistance to.


This was probably highlighted by the introduction of the DF racing classes, where the members were embracing the boats, but the MYA was caught as the NCA for existing classes with a conflict of interest. Our members were keen on a new design, but the constitution states that we are to act as the class association for a number of classes.


How can the MYA act in the interests of it’s members by promoting all classes of radio and free sailing yachts, yet stand its ground and promote the benefits as the NCA for only a few?


The council discussed the options, and decided that the best solution would be to stay as the NCA for the classes it already works with, but give these classes freedom to promote their own class, using the enthusiasm and passion of the class owners whilst assisting this enthusiasts by retaining the requirements of an NCA to collate certain information.

We agreed that these enthusiasts would be called the Class Owners Groups – COGs.


Why COG’s?


The significant advantage to the classes and their owners is that each COG only has to think of its own promotion and activities and those who are involved with the COG do not have to be part of the MYA Council and associated workings. If you are passionate about the Six Metre class, you are free to say this, free to tell people how great you think the class is, and as long as you don’t disparage other classes tell people why they should be sailing Six Metres over the X,Y or Z class.


Not only do we hope that this encourages more people to be involved in their class activity, and this may be more than one class, but it also frees the MYA Councils resource to do what its core role should be, in telling everyone to come and have a go at Radio or Free Sailing, whichever class or discipline a newcomer may chose. 


How will this work?


The principle of a COG is that the class owners will be able to draw on the experience and enthusiasm of their class owners to promote the class and help steer the direction of any future developments, whilst knowing that it has the resource and assistance of the MYA behind it to offer help and advice when required.


What help and advice offered and required will vary from class to class as some, like, the IOM have their own International Class Association (IOMICA) and may not need much more than a platform to promote their activities and the MYA structure of measurers and certification. Other classes may need specific technical advice and assistance with their class rules or help with promoting their class, which again will be freely available from the MYA officers. Each class will therefore have an agreement that is geared towards their own needs and wants.


The MYA will assist in these agreements to ensure that they are fair and have the necessary clauses to give class owners freedom to grow their class, but also include a route back to the MYA should the owners have any concerns with the overall direction.


The future….?


The MYA council will always support its members, classes and sport of Radio and Free Sailing, but hopefully the sport will become supported to a level that will allow the classes to form their own NCA’s and the MYA can further support these.


You were warned that this first issue would be a short one - and that's it for now. The next edition will be in early

2020 but if you have any contributions or any comments or pictures for that next issue please reply to the Editor.

Many thanks

SMYC Club Series:

"Early Winter Series 2019/2020"

The 2020 Jubilee Trophy


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